Do you offer any other services besides complete planning & design?

The heart and soul of Leander Matos Weddings lies within the planning, designing and producing of your beautifully unique wedding. I started this business to give myself the creative freedom to do just that. In order to deliver the highest quality of service for each of my clients, I focus my efforts in providing the services that allow me to do my best work for you, and that is inclusive of the planning, designing and producing of your event! My planning & design package is comprehensive; therefore I do not offer partial planning or coordination-only services. 

How do you come up with a design plan for each of your weddings?

First I need to learn the vision for your wedding day! You may not even know what that is initially, but through our conversations I have a series of questions aimed at bringing it out to the open! From there I create a vision board that includes all the aspects of your wedding day that are most important to you: the dress, flowers, food, friends + family enjoyment, color palette, band, etc. and the vision board becomes the muse in designing your day around what is most important to you.  Once the vision board is created, I begin building your team of vendors to bring your vision to life. After the colors, linens, china, flatware, etc. are chosen I will then create  your custom design plan,  which is a digital mock –up, including all those special details you’ve chosen to give you a preview of your wedding day.

How many weddings do you plan a year?

I work with a maximum of four clients per year. This allows me the time and effort to create and devote everything that I have to making your celebration as spectacular as you’ve dreamt and hope it will be! I love being involved with every little detail and decision, as I am able to get to know you more as a couple and vice versa. Building that trust is paramount, so when it comes to your wedding weekend you are truly able to relax and enjoy, without hesitation, and know that one of the most memorable days of your life has been brought to life for you and is just waiting for you to enjoy it. 

What do you love most about your job?

Wait, this is a job?! Weddings give me life! Its hard to put into words, but I love the anticipation, the excitement and most importantly the LOVE! To me, nothing is better than having a front row seat to the beginning of your happily ever after! I feel so fortunate and blessed I get to spend my days planning and designing weddings. The wedding day is made up of many, many special moments, I love having the opportunity to set the scene for those moments to happen between you, your families and dearest friends and turn those moments into lifelong memories.