Planning, Design & Production

I believe that in order to create extraordinary celebrations an equal amount of expertise, thoughtfulness and love needs to be given to the planning, design and production. These three elements are an absolute necessity in creating an unforgettable event.

It is this belief that is the heartbeat of Leander Matos Weddings, I'd love to begin working with you at the very beginning of your engagement right on through the production of your beautiful wedding day.

The ‘engagement season’ of your love story should be filled with excitement and anticipation of your new married life together. The planning of any event can come with pressure and stress, especially when planning an event as paramount as your wedding day. I work hard to minimize that stress and pressure and lead you through the planning process step by step, offering my expertise, knowledge and friendship every step of the way.

Styling & Design

The style and design of any event is one of the most important elements to creating an unforgettable experience for your guests! Inspirations for the style and design of your perfect day are everywhere, thank you to the wonderful wedding magazines, inspiration blogs and websites.  I love taking your inspirations and creating a design plan that is beautifully unique and totally you. Once the design plan is set, I’ll get to work curating the décor items and coordinating with the vendor team to bring your vision to life! Don’t be shy, Say Hello, I’d love to hear all the details you’ve been dreaming about!